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Bergpension Sonnmatt - Health centre

In this video the Fischer family composed by Marianne, Siegfried, Remo and Jenny presents you the Bergpension Sonnmatt.
In a wonderful place situated among the Swiss mountains you can relax and gather new strength. You will be surrounded by nature, tranquility, relaxation and you can perform different activity like hiking, biking and many other. You definitely will be a special guest in their house.
These are the 12 points on which this guest house is based:
1) Healthy nutrition (vegetarian or vegan). 2) Exercise everyday. 3) Drink a lot of water. 4) Sunshine. 5) Temperance. 6) Fresh air. 7) Rest. 8) Trust. 9) Right priorities. 10) Life joy. 11) Uprightness. 12) Social support.
The Fisher family provides: stop smoking programs, 12 days lifestyle courses and other health and rejuvenation programs.
Bergpension Sonnmatt is situated in Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland.
Reportage of Veggie Channel.

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