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Crudessence, raw restaurant and Academy of Living Foods - David Côté

The food that you'll find in the David Côté restaurant is very different from the food that you may find in most classic restaurants: lasagnas, burgers, pizzas, desserts... everything raw! It is Crudessence :) 
"The way everything started was really magical, in a way. I new I wanted to open a raw food restaurant but this happened throughout a few years. Since the beginning, when I was 16 years old, when I became vegetarian, I didn't do for health reasons but I did it for environmental issues. I read a sentence from Albert Einstein, everybody knows that says: “The best thing that human being can do to help his environment and his health is to become vegetarian”. This shocked me so much from such a genius person known all over the world that I started looking around and I have realized that there was a huge impact on the environment when you change your food habits. So this was that made me swich at first. 
I started traveling for years and years, I did a lot of sports sport, also extreme sports and surfing and thousands of things, hiking, long term hiking. All this brought me eating raw foods. Today, seven years later, opening a business it's being amazing and people are so into it. I never thought it would happen, I have followed my dream. I had no money, I actually had minus 3000 dollars on my bank account. But I had a dream: I wanted to share my passion with the world which was the best food as possible, to have the best energy and the optimal health. That's how I started, just believing in a dream. And it has happened".
This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.
Directed by Massimo Leopardi

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