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The future of vegan business in the world - Jan Bredack, Veganz

Jan Bredack, founder of Veganz, tells how his vegan business was created and developed: from the opening of vegan stores in Europe to the production of vegan products and distribution in the major supermarket chains.
“Most of our customers are not vegan, they are vegetarians, flexitarians, they are looking for food that’s sustainable and healthy and, the most important thing, that it’s delicious. We have to offer them our products in a block because they will not find our products in different places in the grocery stores. We push our grocery store-partners to bring our products in a right position in supermarkets, may be, in front of vegetables, because everybody is looking in the vegetable area for %u200B%u200Bfruits and especially here it’s a good place for our products.
I see no competition because I’m not thinking about competition. The veganism, it’s in a niche wright now. Vegan products are only 1-2% from the hole range of food. There is so much space for everybody. Our goal would be to support other companies, we will help them to develop more new products, to bring them in shelves of the supermarkets. That’s our goal. I want to be the “enable” for the vegan food. I will show to CEO’s and managers who make the decisions for the assortment that vegan food it’s coming up. You can earn money, you can make money with vegan food. And they will decide to bring more food in the shelves. That’s our goal”.
Director: Massimo Leopardi
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova
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