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Clémentine is a vegan, Cabaret Végane - Reggae music by Bruno Blum and Joy Gross

What do vegans eat? Always the usual few and sad things? Of course not! :) Bruno Blum and Joy Gross in this joyous reggae video clip give you an overview of the food variety that make up a plant-based diet. Yes, we meant vegan! :)
Cabaret Végane is a group from Paris. It presents a festive show! A rock, soul, reggae and original French songs cabaret-style performance, including several botanical tunes sung to the fruit and veg glory. Nothing better than a bit of joy of living along with some smoothies and strawberries! STRAWBERRY POWER!
Organic music guaranteed to be played without any machines by live, free-range musicians.
Thank you for sharing widely this video that is so cool!
Voice, guitar: Bruno Blum
Harmonica: Michey Blow
Choirs: Rosalie Montlouis-Gabriel
Keyboard: Charlie Avot
Bass: Nicolas Thouroude
Drums Erick Borelva
Sound engineer: Brayan Pachaud
Studio Marcadet
With Bastien Lagatta
Joy Gross in the role of Cleémentine
Michel Tourte (vegetables!)
drawings: Pascal Le Gras, Bruno Blum, Mandryka and Invader
Script: Bruno Blum, Philippe Radoux,
Production: Laetitia Thévenot and Bruno Blum

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Bruno Blum

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