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VegMed 2018 - Scientific congress on plant-based nutrition in Berlin

The VegMed 2018 was held in Berlin and it was its 5th edition. The VegMed is a scientific congress on plant-based nutrition for medical doctors, dietitians, other health care professionals, researchers and students.
There were several scientific presentations by leading researchers and renowned medical practitioners, practice-oriented workshops, a platform for professional networking, public day "Open VegMed" and more. Dr. Christian Kessler talks about it in this Veggie Channel interview.
VegMed 2018 is a unique international scientific conference in Europe bringing plant-based nutrition and medical practice together. After four successful conferences since 2012, VegMed 2018 was even bigger with an international orientation.
Leading experts and renowned scientists like Hans Diehl, Hana Kahleová, Joan Sabaté and Claus Leitzmann as well as prestigious physicians in practical application like Brenda Davis and Neal Barnard shared their latest insights on plant-based nutrition and medicine.
On Sunday, VegMed offered a Public Day called „Open VegMed“. And for the first time at VegMed online-streaming was available, covering all presentations in the main auditorium.
Veggie Channel web-tv came from Italy to film the event and to make a number of interviews with the conference speakers. The Italian delegation this year was the most numerous of the congress.
Director: Massimo Leopardi, Julia Ovchinnikova
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova

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