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VegMed London 2019 - Bringing Plant-based Nutrition into Mainstream Medicine

First time in UK, VegMed, an international scientific conference on medicine and plant-based nutrition, was held in October 2019 at King’s College, London. The conference involved physicians, medical students and scientists as well as nutritionists and other academic healthcare professionals.
VegMed was established in 2012 by Charité University Clinic for Naturopathy at Immanuel Hospital Berlin and ProVeg International. In 2019 it was conducted by ProVeg UK and their partner, Plant Based Health Professionals UK. The main sponsor of the VegMed was Oatly, a producer of vegetable drink based on oat.
Shortly after the conference, Veggie Channel recorded the impressions of Philip Mansbridge, the executive director of ProVeg UK: "We are here in London at the end of a 2-day event called VegMed which is all about the power of plants and the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet. Yesterday was for medical professionals, doctors and students, and today was about bringing that message to the public, so a wider audience.
Over these 2 days we've had talks of some amazing medical professionals, nutritionists, dietitians, professors and doctors who have shared data, who have shared facts, case studies, testimonials about the power of plants and what they can do to help your body. So not just the environmental benefits, the animal benefits, but actually the health benefits is what we've being really focused on.
The reason we brought VegMed to London is we wanted to bring it to a wider audience. We thought it was time to do it. We've had VegMed in Berlin before, very popular with some great talks. But there is a real growing movement in the UK and there is a wide audience of people who are interested in plant-based nutrition. And we just wanted to bring this outside of Berlin, make it more accessible to people. Hopefully this is the beginning of something new that we actually can see not just in the UK, not just in Germany, but in other countries as well.
We were honored of have some amazing guests over these last two days. Those guests included Michael Greger. He is a best-seller author. He wrote "How not to die", "How not to diet" and "How not to die - Cookbook". He runs, which has thousands and thousands of views with his data that he uploads almost on a daily basis. He is a real celebrity in his world, he is very credible, he has a lot of experience and he has a big fan base as well.
We also had Michael Klaper MD. He has being a practitioner for almost 50 years. He has been plant based himself since the early 80s. He has a lot of credibility also and he is very passioned about of what he's spoke about. We've had Gemma Newman who are really integrating plant-based diets into her practice. We actually had some testimonials of some of her patients on video, who, following her advise and had dramatic changes to their lifestyles, to  their diseases, to their conditions.
We had Brenda Davis, a dietitian, very expert in her field, giving us some amazing data and some amazing facts. We had Neal Barnard as well, again a very well renowned MD. He was talking about diseases and how plant-based diets reverses some deceases and how some many diseases can be prevented".
Director: Massimo Leopardi, Julia Ovchinnikova
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova

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