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Salt, sugar and bread - Vegan food shopping

This is the EIGHTH EPISODE  in a series of videos that has been created from the Veggie Channel the web-tv, together with Nancy Dong.
The idea of this clip is to show how it is possible to shop properly while learning how to recognizing ingredients that are good for our bodies, without any use of animal products or its derivatives. Nancy will show you both the nutritional and ethical values of various foods, providing the proper information so you can make conscious choices while shopping.
In this 8th video of "Vegan food shopping", Nancy Dong talks about the salt and the various types of sweeteners. Nancy also explains how often foods like bread sticks, crackers, tortillas and bread cotain animal fats.
In the other episodes the theme will be about various legumes, grains, snacks, flours, seeds and nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat substitutes, vegetable milk etc.
Stay tuned to Veggie Channel and don't miss other useful, friendly and very nice episodes with Nancy Dong!
This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.
Directed by Massimo Leopardi
Editing: Giampaolo Trojani

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