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Gary Yourofsky on Veggie Channel

Do not miss this interview with Gary Yourofsky! He will clarify the topics he covered in the past that have aroused so many controversy around the world. He also will deal with all the major issues related to animal rights.

At last we had the chance to meet Gary in person, a very controversial character in the world of animal advocacy that we did not know whether to recognize as a hero or not.

After spending some time with him and his wife in Bologna in Italy, we realized how the media shape public opinion according to their need. When you talk to him in private it takes only a few minutes to feel that his nature is good, spontaneous and deeply altruistic and that he would never hurt anyone.

We decided to edit this video in 4 different clips, this one which is the full version of the interview and 3 others that are the same interview but divided into 3 parts.

This interview was held in Bologna October 5, 2012.
Please visit Gary Yourofsky official web site.

This is a video of Veggie Channel web-tv.

Interview of Massimo Leopardi
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova

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