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Killing is killing - Jules Febre

With all the wars in the world today, why should we care about the lives of animals? Jules Febre, known Jivamukti yoga teacher, answers to this question.
Jules Febre, Hip Hop Asana and Jivamukti Yoga teacher from New York: “It is difficult to kill somebody you love, somebody who is dear to you, someone that you relate to. In war the first thing that the country does is turn the other into a villain. They create a propaganda scheme that turns another person into a terrible dictator unworthy of compassion or kindness. And we do the same propaganda campaign and we direct it against the animals. We call them stupid, damn or unworthy of love. They are dirty. By  doing so, we become more capable of killing them because they have become "other" than us.
Perhaps it is time to recognize that killing is killing, and, when possible, it should be avoided. And it is almost always possible. So please think about this the next time you sit down to choose your meal.”
Jules Febre came to Rome as part of a book promotional tour for “Simple recipes for joy”, a vegan recipe book by Sharon Gannon (“Eifis Editore” publisher in Italy).
This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.
Directed by Massimo Leopardi
Editing: Julia Ovchinnikova
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