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Steve Best - Who is a Human Being?

Prof. Steve Best interviewed by Massimo Leopardi for Veggie Channel web-tv near Rome on 3 september 2012, explains what is a human being:
"It's hard to say what is a human being except from giving a biological category. Let's begin with the fact that we are an animal, specifically we are primates. We are one of the group of primates related to the chimpanzee and the bonobo, the chimpanzees are the closest to us from a biological point of view. So we are a kind of chimpanzee.
We like to think that we are so radically different from all the other animals that we forget that we are animals. So, a human being is a type of animal that has evolved through millions of years developing cultures and technology. He has changed genetically much less than how he has changed technologically and culturally.
We have become the animal who thinks we live outside of nature, outside his lows, we have become the animal that has forgotten how to live in harmony with its community.
We are the only animal that if you take out of nature, nothing bad would happen, except that nature would harmonise itself. You take any other animal out of the nature and because everything is so interconnected the system will start to collapse.
So, human being is an animal with an incredible potential, really has done brilliant things throughout history with colture and music and art and architecture. But also it's the same animal that created Auschwitz, the world wars and dropped the atomic bombs.
We have this potential for doing good or bad and we haven't learned how to honor our potentials to do the good and to be good citizens in the bio comunity in this planet".
Prof. Steve Best is a writer, an activist and a philosopher. He is a professor at the university of Texas and consider himself "a citizen of this incredible bio-community on planet Earth..."
This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.
Interview of Massimo Leopardi
Editing: Julia Ovchinnikova

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