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Steve Best - Who is homo sapiens?

Prof. Steve Best interviewed by Veggie Channel near Rome on 3 september 2012, gives his point of view on human wisdom.

"Homo sapiens is a very ironic title: wise man. We gave that to ourselves in a moment of incredible arrogance. We are not very wise. We evolved from five to seven millions years ago from far east or southern Africa. We came out of the trees of the climate change, we became bipeds...". "We are not very wise because we claimed to be radically unique... we are dangerous animals, ...we are the top right now homo sapiens is a very unwise animal because he doesn't know how to live on this planet and he is destroying itself..."

Prof. Steve Best is a writer, an activist and a philosopher.He is a professor at the university of Texas and consider himself a citizen of this incredible bio-community on planet earth..."

This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.

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