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The vegan body builder - Dusan Dudas

Dušan Dudáš is one of the best example of vegan body builders in the world. On his category "over 50" he still competes succesfully. He also works as nutritionist and sport trainer.
His amazing story begins when at the age of 12 he was diagnosed a very bad illnes to his lungs....

In his book "Naturally Amazing" you can find the secrets to how achieve optimum health, feel fantastic, lose weight and how to tone your body, without the traditional high animal protein diets...

Dušan Dudáš combines a vegan or vegetarian high pH alkalarian diet with bodybuilding training. He proves that you can successfully compete and win as a bodybuilder on a purely vegan, high pH diet at any age.

This is a reportage of Massimo Leopardi, Julia Ovchinnikova and Giampaolo Troiani for Veggie Channel.

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