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The foods you need to eat to lose weight - Neal Barnard, MD

Do you want to lose weight quickly and forever? Did you know that it is not necessary to starve but only to know the foods that promote weight loss? Follow these simple tips from one of the most authoritative nutritionists in the world, Dr. Neal Barnard.
"Many people try to lose weight by avoiding foods, they are trying the starve off way. I have a better idea. Let's focus on foods that cause you to lose weight. What do I mean by that? Think about this: if we remember that fatty foods are high in calories, fat has 9 calories in every single gram, so if I avoid those fats, I'm avoiding a lot of calories.
Secondly, make sure that you have foods that are very high in fiber.
But don't stop there. When you go into the store, the grocery-seller will tell you: "You must have extra virgin olive oil, it's so delicious and wonderful and it goes great on bread". Delicious but do not listen to him! Because even if it's extra extra virgin olive oil, it still has 9 calories per gram".
This video was realized during the International Congress VegMed 2018 in Berlin where Neal Barnard presented the speeches "Helping Patients Adopt Healthier Diets in the Hospital Room and Beyond" and "What about Cheese?"
This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.
Director: Massimo Leopardi
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova

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