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Industrial food is destroying our society - Vijayendra Murthy

In India, a mainly vegetarian country by tradition, the animal products consumption is increasing more and more. Let's find out the reason and the consequences of this change.
Vijayendra Murthy: "It's interesting like in India (India has undergone 800 years of invasion) initially during the Vedic era there was no such thing as absolute vegetarianism. There still were allowed to eat meat but with consciousness to make the right decision but not by intensive farming, not by actually a true cruelty. So everything was seen as a food when it was absolutely necessary, not with making food a mass industry which is what it became in India later. I think the reason why vegetarianism hasn't been continuing to be so strong in India... there are 2 reasons. One is during the medieval period that India had Mongolian invasion (it was invaded by Kingdoms from Turkey, from Afganistan. Afganistan of course was part of India then); but Mongol invasions and foreign invasions introduced new values into people's diet, and that completely changed Indian's perspective about vegetarianism. So non vegetarian or meat eating became part of Indian culture which has lasted. But unfortunately why India has become more a meat eating country than it used to be is because of capitalistic greedy food industries who have made their ways into every possible country that's possible.
For instance, you can go to the most remote village in India, you still will find this Multinational companies who sell this highly sugary drinks, who sell this cheap meats that are highly processed, which are produced through cruel farming of animals, pumped with hormones, pumped with antibiotics to just make it tasty and cheaper. And this availability of cheap tasty food in a developing country obviously persuade even the middle class to kind of go into eating meat instead of choosing vegetarianism, though they know that that's more healthy. So obviously when food becomes an industry, we actually are destroying the society. The main reason is that in India in the past you basically ate very few ingredients in your food. It was local, it was seasonal. In fact you grew a lot of food yourselves and you had your own family recipes that you used. And you never actually went outside of being self sufficient. But because the culture today is "I can buy food, I can buy tasty food, I can buy food that is cheap and tasty" and that completely has corrupted our choices, as humans in general. And of course India is not an exception".
This video was realised during the International Congress VegMed 2018 in Berlin.
This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.
Director: Massimo Leopardi
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova

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