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The purpose of life, according to the Indian philosophy - Vijayendra Murthy

In the Western world for centuries thinkers but also the common men are struggling wondering what the meaning of life is. Almost always, however, they do so without taking into account that the Indian philosophy, for thousands of years, has already answered this question extensively. Dr. Vijayendra Murthy, director of Ayuwave London, shares with us his thoughts on this subject.
"I think my question to myself rather then to anyone else is: what is the purpose of any species and can actually humans, only because we have the ability, to manipulate nature? Can we actually dominate all of the species and completely believe that we are the ones to decide how every other species, every other life form on this planet must continue to exist or interact? So I fell that even with the greatest of respect for life, many times our scientific discoveries, our own discourses become very human centered. And this is where I do think at: there is a need to think about not just humans but about the place of humans within the planet. And how we can actually use more universal philosophies, for the one who want a better word, let's call it spirituality; how can we use spirituality to connect us with all of a life forms?
According to Indian philosophy, the purpose of human life is to understand the meaning of why you or I came into this planet as a human. And I think the main thing that I have learned to my own life from looking at Indian philosophies is: there is no such thing in Indian philosophy as birth and death, they are not the two important things. India or Indian philosophy, let's say five thousands years ago, if we consider the Vedic era, it really looks at life as a continuity, and birth and death are just two points in that continuum. And also is not just about birth and death of me as a human, but it is my time on this planet in the form of a human. Indian philosophy really looks at overcoming our need to relate ourselves to our bodies, to our life span, to our perfect health and then to supersede all of that and to understand the connection between other life forms. So in many way, Indian philosophies, or Indian spiritual cultures, they really look at: how do I appreciate life? Not necessarily by living too long, by living with a perfect health but actually by understanding the meaning of life".
This video was realised during the International Congress VegMed 2018 in Berlin.
This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.
Director: Massimo Leopardi
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova

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