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Can vegetarian and vegan diets meet the requirements of endurance runners? - Patrick Boldt

While science has already validated vegetarian and vegan diets, many people still doubt that these are not suitable for endurance sports, such as marathon and ultra marathon. In this video Patrick Boldt explains how a study he participated in, shows that these doubts are unfounded.
Patrick Boldt: "I’m a part of NURMI (Nutrition and Running High Mileage) team since 4 years. My topic was “Health states of vegetarian and vegan endurance runners compared to omnivores endurance runners”. It was all about the property of vegetarian and vegan diet for endurance runners.
So our question was: can vegetarian or vegan diet meet extraordinary requirement of an endurance runners dietary needs. We investigated certain dimensions to measure the health and the health status of our runners. It was about the body weight change, it was about chronic diseases, it was about medications, supplement intake. I presented this parameters and what our data brought was that vegetarian and vegan runners used to be a little more health conscious when the competitors omnivores. The second point was that with regard to the other topics there were not significant differences between omnivore and vegetarian and vegan endurance runners. We deduced that a vegetarian and vegan diet can be at least equal alternative for endurance runners.
It began on the 1st October 2014 and ended on the 31st December 2015. So it was about 1 year and 3 months. We had 3 steps, so 3 different questions. The first step was more than 3000 people who took part. Than we had to exclude some people because there was some confusion with people who thought they were vegetarian but they were already omnivores. So the number had to be reduced. And then it was the step 2 - only 281 people who filled our survey. 
We've got already an idea to expand our research in other athletic fields so not only endurance running but we want may be to expand with regard to football or basketball. That maybe will be in the future and you will hear from us with this regard.
I’ve been a runner for like maybe 15 years. Mainly I run 10 km and sometimes a half marathon. Other people from our research team like for example Beat Knechtle used to ultra marathon runnings. So he runs like 300 km and more. Katharina Wirnitzer our chef, she also runs marathons, I think. So we are a team of runners and partly vegetarians or vegans who do research together".
This video was realised during the International Congress VegMed 2018 in Berlin.
This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.
Director: Massimo Leopardi
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova

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