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Vegetarianism, the best system to support the planet - Vijayendra Murthy

Switching to a plant based diet is certainly the most effective way to treat our sick planet. The reduction of meat consumption corresponds to a lower impact on pollution and global warming.
The Ayurvedic doctor and researcher Vijayendra Murthy: "Certainly vegetarianism is one of the best value systems that we can have in supporting the planet, simply because the moment we cut down the amount of meat that we eat, we are actually not contributing in the carbon footprint. To give you an example, when vegetarianism becomes the dominant lifestyle, for instance even if you are looking at India which still has about 70% of people who eat meat, they only eat meat about 3,5 kg of meat per person per year, which is so different from America where one would be eating 122 kg of meat per person. So the moment that we actually choose to eat plant based food, we are contributing largely to reducing or in fact reversing the damage that we have done to this planet. Not only that, it also makes us healthy. So obviously vegetarianism, in my view, is one of the best choices that us, as humans, can make, if you are interested in our health, in the health of our communities and health of the planet".
This video was realised during the International Congress VegMed 2018 in Berlin.
This is a video of the web-tv Veggie Channel.
Director: Massimo Leopardi
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova

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