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A British vegan family travelling through Italy

A British family travels through Italy in a camper to learn and let the children discover the world. The twins have been Vegan since birth. Veggie Channel welcomed Zowie, Daniel, Urijah and Israel to Rome and found out more about their lifestyle that incorporates World-schooling and healthy living whilst travelling.
Zowie: "We would like to learn about other cultures, we would like to learn other languages. We would like to see some beautiful places. It’s interesting to meet vegans from another part of the world. To see how other people thrive on the diet in a different terrain. 
We found being vegan in Italy a lot easier. It’s very easy to find gorgeous tasting vegan meals on every menu and especially in ice cream places, lots of different flavours. Pasta, pizza, all we say is "without cheese"! 
The children are really enjoying this lifestyle. We love being on the road, meeting new people, learning the language and we would like to pursue this kind of lifestyle for a s long as possible. 
We are filling something we call ‘unschooling’ where we don’t particularly follow a curriculum, we just go with the flow with what the children are interested in and where we are at the time. My role with that is to make a way of ensuring learning is accessible to them.
I found veganism due to health reasons and after giving birth to the twins I had a compassion and connection to all mothers, regardless of the creature or being and as I breastfed my children I was overwhelmed with love every single mother that had it’s child taken away, whether that be a dairy cow or a giraffe. 
I just felt that every mother on the planet deserves to breastfeed their own child and that is not happening within the dairy industry. I felt that I could not be a part of any type of torture or cruelty towards any other being ever again. Since that day we have consciously avoided any type of animal product and supported all of our family and friends in making the right decisions ethically and becoming vegan". 
Director: Massimo Leopardi
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova

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