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Thai Animal Sanctuary - Gemma Ashford

Gemma Ashford is dubbed affectionately by many as the Lady Diana for the animals. During a humanitarian trip to Thailand, Gemma realized that in addition to helping humans, the animals needed help as well, for no one is looking after them.
"I wanted to help the people. I was working in the children's home and then I realized that there was a lot more support for the children. There were no animal sanctuaries whatsoever, no vet in the area, the nearest vet was four hours away. So I decided that I needed to do something".
She has since been dedicating  many years almost all of her time, to creating a sanctuary to treat and shelter as many animals as possible. Despite her dedication, she still has to spend a lot of time in England to generate more income to fund the sanctuary in Thailand.
"I lived there alone for the first four and a half years. It was a job that was 24/7. I had no vet there, so I had to do veterinary tasks myself and it was very very upsetting for me".
Gemma and the folks at Thai Animal Sanctuary are constantly seeking for veterinarians and volunteer staff. They welcome and depend on the generous donations of the public in order to maintain the infrastructure, provide food and care for the animals.
"I really need help in all areas. Help with the animals of course and help with things like web design, accountancy, administration. Anything. Anything at all. We desperately need volunteers, we desperately need funds. We definitely need a lot more fundraisers in this country and also abroad. And we need vets, vet nurses and volunteers to come out to Thailand".
Director: Massimo Leopardi
Editor: Julia Ovchinnikova
Music: Rosario Di Bella

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Gemma Ashford

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